Innovation and R&D

The Design of Business

  • Build the strength and confidence to operate successfully and adapt to international markets.
  • Assist SMEs to comply with industrial compliance and develop good environmental practices.
  • Help the management team to prepare the Business plan, based on best international business practices.
  • Establish strategic direction
  • Attract external investment and finance.
  • Advise on design and operational capabilities to be comparable with international competitors.
  • Improve competitiveness with marketing strategies and network of international contacts.
  • Introduce new and industry-specific business skills directly to the senior management.
  • Achieve sustainable results by changing the enterprise business culture and improving business viability.

Grant Applications: Market Feasibility Studies, Strategic Consultancy, Key Person hiring

  • Innovation Advice....including identifying and making submissions for funding to carry out Marketplace Assessment
  • Business Analysis
  • Applying for funding to build 1st prototypes
  • Preparing Patent applications
  • Submitting funding applications for Staff Training
  • Report Writing (e.g. from multiple stakeholders)

We help you to place your Customers 'centre stage', to deliver superior service, enhancing loyalty and enabling cost-effective revenue growth.